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Lockheed Martin Corporation is an American aerospace, defense, arms, security, and advanced technologies company with worldwide interests. It was formed by the merger of Lockheed Corporation with Martin Marietta in March 1995. It is headquartered in North Bethesda, Maryland, in the Washington, D.C.,area. Lockheed Martin employs approximately 110,000 people worldwide as of January 2020.

A disappointed former employee wrote this review in Kununu: May 2017 Do not work here!!!!!! Not recommended They claim they want you to succeed but don't help you to succeed. It's all about numbers. The workload is insane you will never succeed. The turn over is super high and the pay is low. For suggestion :Get new management, they were so unorganized.


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Current Employee - Quality Engineer says

"i do not like the pay"

Current Employee - Data Scientist says

"Management style, unreasonable expectations for absence notification"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They will not listen to any suggestions. They run down people they don't like. Many in management are back stabbing."

Current Employee - Nope, This IS How You Get Blacklisted says

"Lockheed Martin is committed to three core values: Do What’s Right, Respect Others, and Perform with Excellence. We value diversity and inclusion and have policies in place detailing our company’s stance against any form of discrimination, harassment or retaliation. We encourage you to contact us directly so that we can better understand your experience and investigate misconduct, as appropriate. There are several ways you can reach us, including our Lockheed Martin Helpline (800-LM-ETHIC or 800-563-8442), our Ethics email (corporate.ethics@lmco.com), or by reaching out to your leader, HR Business Partner or your Ethics Officer. We hope to hear from you soon."

Former Employee - SFA says

"Management does not take care of employees. They lie, scheme, and do not support or create a culture of respect."

Former Employee - LMSD says

"I am talking about the facilities called Lockheed Martin, Denver Data Center and the address is 1401 Del Norte St, Denver, CO 80221. At this location LMSD (Lockheed Martin Service Desk) job is completely disgusting. They would not even bother to tell you that this is a customer representative job, at this call center. Their initial expression was this is a helpdesk related job. They will tell you, this is a service desk job, meaning Service Desk = Helpdesk, which is completely bull crap. This is a call center where either you answer calls all day or do chat and go through their cursing, bad behavior etc. That is the job pretty much is. Their turnover rate is also very high and all the year round. They are always hiring, at least in this position. I don't know about other job in this location but the LMSD position is the most neglected one. Also in this job, you will get less respect than even the people who cleans trash can. Can you imagine? I know what I am saying. There will be no supervisor available even in 4 months. Like Sam E. lives in Puerto Rico so he can't help. Sean D. and Sue G. lives at Florida so they can't help much either. Client (users) will behave badly with you, SPOC (Ivan, Jason) will not behave well or professionally with you either. Even RDS won't be cordial with you. This place/job is like disgusting. As I said, even cleaning trash can & won't be that bad, compare to this job. At the training time, they will behave with you like they are handing you over the best job you can ever have. As soon as the training is finished, you will see the real picture gradually. Even if the training were any good, you would not had to struggle that much as you will gonna, since right from the start. Do not get fool by the name of the company which is "Lockheed Martin". That's what happens with everybody pretty much. This is the most neglected position of this company. This job has lots of problem, unlike other jobs. You may say, all the jobs have problems.. True but that does not apply to this one. This one is specially gross. You are on your own pretty much all the time. You won't see the supervisor, even months after months goes by. Only way to contact them is phone or chat. Which they won't even answer on time. If you have done Customer Service Representative jobs before then you may try here, otherwise stay away, at all cost. Basically people are back stabber here, for their own good. That's the culture of this company or at least in this location."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Company does not want anyone with a mental disability, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, etc."

Current Employee - Aviation Maintenance Technician says

"Work schedule changes constantly, Management cares more about percentages than personnel"

Former Employee - Electrical Engineer says

"This what I saw on the 2 legacies programs and a new one I worked on. Bad functional managers, toxic work culture set by older management riding the clock for the last 15 years. The environment is stuck back 20 years is really a sustainment place, silo programs , very compartmentalize and very few new programs and the new programs the main positions are given to internal people (favoritism) that don’t have the experience/skill set for such tasks which basically creates reaction management NO planning is bad (like me mentor used to say the blind leading the blind), never seen so much incompetence. Sustainment programs are set by tribal knowledge which are just people hoarding information and they keep riding the clock. There’s not much HW design that I saw they are an Integrator so the suppliers deliver the electronic boxes main things are cables, break out boxes basically what my technicians or interns in other companies do. There’s few Basic CCA designs and those jobs are given to the favorites. I like the people and the company however me and other people that came from other companies with lots of direct experience realize is a bad place since we won’t learn as much, will be pigeon hole , the culture and frustration from inept technical leads ( not all but most) drove us away. I just waited over a year to move on back to my previous company the short time I was there never really saw people smile or crack a joke which told me a lot."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Joined LM as a senior engineer with 14 years of exp. Had option to join as a product manager in a finance farm ,but took the option as I want to see how DoD work looks. Sadly, been here for 6 months. In 6 months, had 3 managers, waited too long to get access to the systems. Pathetic. Coming from a commercial sector, this was pain. I am tired, mentally to go to work. Don't feel the motivation to go to work anymore. Haven't it because of slow hiring, I would have left job, and won't stay back after my one year mark. You don't hire senior guys to run test scripts, that's pathetic."

Aircraft Structural Senior (Former Employee) says

"Worst aircraft related job I have had and would not recommend this position to anyone. Pay is low and skill is not required to work this job so if that is what your looking for apply."

F-35 Maintenance Instructor (Former Employee) says

"Managers are put into position by the GOOD -OLD-Boys Club, No Respect for Experience or Education, Managers who are put in Position of Managing Individuals with Special Skills, have no Clue of the Skill or the Job function they are overseeing, Pitiful to be put in a Position of Authority, and the People who work under you are Laughing at you because you are clueless, and when your given useful information on how the Job should be done, management Scarfs at it and does there own thing, there way, and when it turns out Wrong, as in the Case of the F-35 Program, they ( Management ) takes absolutely No Responsibility for there Mindless Management Skills, but that's what you get when you put Barney Fifes in Charge.Not a Single oneMindless Management Personnel"

Material Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Donʻt work for Lockheed Martin. Management treats all employees as replaceable unless you are in the click with management. Prepare to deal with unethical and unprofessional management who care more about the product and service instead of their employees. Their policies are honored, environment is unprofessional and without support.nonetoo many to list"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company does NOT value diversity, especially is you have a mental disability. They will lie about disabled employees in order to terminate them. Yes, discrimination is illegal, but Lockheed Martin does it anyways."

Quality Control Technician Sr Spec (Current Employee) says

"it's like high school all over again. no matter if you're hourly or salary, it's f'n high school. i hate it here! if you enjoy being lied to and people talking bad about you behind your back then this is the place!"

Electronic Associate (Former Employee) says

"STAY AWAY. There is a lot of bullying that goes on here, and management does nothing about it. There have been several people that got harassed and nothing was done about it, at all. Pay is very low, even with the new raise. The cliques here are insane, and once again, that's where the bullying comes in. The shifts are all 10 hours, 4 days a week. Overtime is offered pretty much every weekend unless you're night shift. If you are considering nights...don't do it. You're treated differently/poorly. There's not even a nurse on site, only for dayshift. Some supervisors micromanage to the point I've heard people cussing at them. You do earn PTO every month, but you don't even get enough to cover ONE shift. You can't request time off, only call out or save up your PTO and use it. There are SOME positives to working here. You get paid vacation in December. Some people/supervisors are nice. Overtime and guaranteed 40 hours every week was nice as well."

Web Designer (Former Employee) says

"I felt comfortable on my first day as a sub contractor on a contract to hire opportunity. A few days in the manager came in yelling at one of his employees in front of everyone and this did not only happen once it happened on multiple occasions. He verbally abused his employees including me. One time when he yelled again at one of his employees I stood up and stuck up for him. I told management what happened and no one listened. So the manager let me go because I exploited him.NonAll"

Welding Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Totally incompetent management. If you were from Arkansas you will fit it, if you are from somewhere else you are looked down at. Tried to adjust the welding department, but got no support."

Electronics Technician CREW (Former Employee) says

"When you are a contractor with this company you are simply a "nobody" the company does not care about its employees and you are just a number. You can be released the same day as every job is dependent on a contract therefore if the company does not get a contract you dont have a job. Plain and simple"

Electronics Associate (Current Employee) says

"What to say. I used to love my job. Then things began to change and bring to light the fact that unless you’re a salaried employee and upper tier, you’re a peon and disposable which is what I have been told I am. HR seeks ways to make your time there miserable. Management does not care about your life. Got a wife who is very ill and in the hospital? You will be told to choose: job or family. Take my advice stay away.At least you get a little money.Too many to list. Stay away."

Structures Senior (Former Employee) says

"This company only cares for salary employees. The hourly employees are not valued regardless of your qualifications it could take 30 years to move up in the company. A janitor is valued more than an A&P Mechanic. Also you get 25 cent raises and can take more than 10 years to top out in any postion.Weekends OffIf your hourly you expendable and lucky to be there."

Quality Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Supervisor higly favored women in the workplace - awful place to work as a male. Very little oversight as a satellite LM location which led to a wild west atmosphere with little accountability to hold lockheed martins true agenda."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Company is not veteran friendly. If you are VET they are scared of you and set you up for failure. The management is poor there is no mentorship and God forbid you speak your mi d or disagreeNonDont be a veteran"

RMS Laser Optical technician (Former Employee) says

"It is a ok for a woman to bother or arrested men co-worker and the manager were 100% believed her. I was refused to work with her. I want to work in a friendly place.Challenging tasks and learning new skillsBad place to work as a contractor"

Senior Infrastructure Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I have worked for Lockheed for 8 years, unless you are in a certain clique and friendly with the right people you will be treated ufairly, you will miss out on promotions and opportunities. Good as a graduate as they put all their effort and money into given graduates oppirtunities anyone above that level will be treated terribly.Good graduate programmeOne of the worst places to work above graduate and below management"

Technician I (Former Employee) says

"Lack of respect for employees. High level of quality related products assembled. At great cost if failure in the field acured. Employees that create these products are paid poorly and expected to achieve high standard of quality. No respect and disconnect between management and employees. Very much would not waste you lifes precious time working for this.thcompany..."

PC Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"You’re literally just a cog in a machine that cares nothing for you. If you have a Bachelors you’re pretty much set but if you work anywhere in the plant other than upstairs you’re expendable and lower than dirt to them."

Systems Engineer Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management could care less. Absolutely terrible. Treat new hires and level 1s terribly. If you wanna work here be prepared to ask a question and no one will care."

Unknown (Former Employee) says

"Orlando location, very poor management your job has no security, if they don’t like you you’re fired and if you plan on getting discriminated and profile, harassed this is the place for you, I would not recommend here to anyone large corporation without no values just talk to brainwashed you. WARNING BEWARE"

Senior Database Analyst (Former Employee) says

"From day one I had a feeling this would not be a good experience as the developer who was supposed to be guiding me was completely unhelpful. I soon became accustomed to being told they were too busy to help only to find them deep in conversation about football or fish or some other topic. I believe one term they used to describe their way of working was 'confrontational collaboration'. I assume this to mean unhelpfulness, petty back-biting and ring-fencing. They allow themselves to be dependent on contractors (presumably because no-one would want to work there permanently unless you could 'milk' them out of a lot of money. The contractors seem to have learnt this so are (with some exceptions) completely uncooperative with other staff (unless it's management) Initially I had good line management but unfortunately, due to a change of roles the replacement was borderline incompetent with no understanding of his team or nature of work carried out by the department. They avoided responsibility by hiding in their office all day occasionally coming out to make a few glib statements. Fortunately my feelings were shared by many of the team. The manager was the final straw. My only satisfaction was being able to tell what I thought of them as I walked out the door for the last time. I did notice that by the time I left there were a large number of empty seats due to resignations. I also found that a large number of people who resigned did so for similar reasons. One of the negative effects of working there was that my skills stagnated due to lack of use. However the good news"